Current research

I am currently engaged in a number of research projects:

Political participation among first-generation immigrants in Australia

– This ongoing work examines comparatively high rates of pro-state political participation (particularly contributions of time and money to political parties) among Asian-born Australians. Exploring individual-level participation by country of origin, experience with autocracy, post-migration experiences, and attitudes towards democracy reveals that Asian-born Australians are disproportionately satisfied with Australian democracy. Comparative analysis will seek to explain why this is (apparently) anomalous to Australia.

Social class and political engagement in Australia

– My colleague Nicholas Biddle and I conducted a reproduction of Savage et al.’s ‘Great British Class Survey’ among Australian respondents in 2015. Following our initial reporting of that study, we are now looking at correlates and predictors of satisfaction with democracy within and between class groups.

Survey research and non-sampling error

– This ongoing research project examines several forms of non-sampling error in social survey research, primarily relating to questionnaire design (including interviewer effects, question order, ‘don’t know’ categorisation, and question wording).  Future research will explore the feasibility and validity of representative online panels for social survey research, in partnership with the Social Research Centre.

Current working papers:

‘The ‘class of 2013’: Ideology in the Howard and Abbott governments’, with Marija Taflaga, Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University.

Explaining anomalous political assimilation among immigrants to Australia’, presented at the American Political Science Association annual meeting, September 2016.

‘Recruitment reminder effects: how do reminder waves recruit different profiles of respondents in an online survey?’, with Dr Nicholas Biddle and Sonia Whiteley, ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods, The Australian National University, presented at the World Association of Public Opinion Research annual meeting in May 2015.

‘Measuring political issue salience: a validation exercise using Google Trends’, with Dr Nicholas Biddle, presented at the Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research methodology conference in July 2016.